Hosting Services

The first step is to register a domain name on the Internet. This domain name should reflect your business or product name. Domain names can be in the form of a, .com, or .biz just to name a few. I can assist you with this decision.

Once a domain name has been decided upon, MWM will then register your new domain for you, followed by creating and setting up all other services to match your requirements.

The whole process from nothing to your own web presence can take as little as 24 hours!

Domain Name System (DNS)

This service advises all the other computers on the Internet how to find your website and how to find the correct path to send you email. It’s like the ‘White Pages’ for the entire Internet and Mail Servers. MWM Host runs 2 DNS servers at 2 physical sites to ensure those questions are always answered.

Website Hosting

This service provides storage space on an Internet Server. Various types of servers offer different advantages/disadvantages. My server offers any customisations or formats you require including ASP.NET, Classic ASP and PHP.

Email(Office 365 or Forwarding)

Office 365: Provides the best email system for business and when email is of utmost importance. MWM Host will register your account and set this up for you so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy fast email at its best. Just like it was back in the 90’s before spam!

About Email Forwarding

Email Forwarding: This service performs the management of all email addresses that end in your domain name. For example; is sent through our servers. Our servers complete a check for viruses and spam, the forwards the message on to you.

DNS Hosting

Domain Name Services

$132 per year

Web Hosting

Linux or Windows

$168 per year

Web & DNS Hosting

Website and DNS Package

$264 per year

CMS Hosting

My & MS SQL DB’s

$60 per year

How the renewal system works with MWM Host

Your hosting services will expire twice a year on the following dates

  • 1st of May
  • 1st of November

An invoice will be issued to you 30 days prior to this expiry date to give you plenty of time to prepare and pay before these dates.

When you initially order hosting services with MWM you will be invoiced a prorata amount based on the number of months it takes to bring you in alignment with the standard expiry dates.