Aerial Media

Let’s bust out the fancy toys and have some fun while creating some beautiful images.

Aerial imagery is a relatively new industry but remote piloting is something I’ve been into for over 10 years now. In fact, I’d designed my own UAV for photography in 2007 which consisted of a large flying wing with a small point-and-shoot camera attached to it.

Now I use DJI Phantoms and the results are spectacular.

What’s happening & where it’s going?

I’m currently registered with CASA for under 2kg commercial work in South Australia and have my full RePL (Remote Pilots License). This means I’ve completed and passed CASA certified training and I’m now currently working with CASA to obtain my ReOC (Remote Operators Certificate).

What can it be used for?

  • Photography (including HDR) & Videography (4k quality)
  • Inspections & Surveying
  • Cool, fun stuff & Impressing on-lookers!

City Tram Extension Project