MWM offers a wide range of online solutions:

  • Website design and development
  • Website and email hosting
  • Aerial media services
  • Programming
  • Dedicated website photography
  • Mobile app development

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About Mat Way

Hi, I’m Mat Way and MWM is a business I started in March 2012 with more than two decades of online experience. Oxymoron, I think yes. I began working on website design and development in 1998 (back when dialup was a ‘thing’) and was the in-house web developer and graphic designer for a corporate company from 2002 to 2012.

I have since moved on to tackle the every changing world of high-demand online technical administration.


More about Mat

This including: SEO, CMS, SQL, DNS and many other fancy acronyms. Using the skills developed over two decades, I specialise in:

  • Website design and development, including: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Content Management Systems (WordPress, DotNetNuke and fully customised) and smart websites that work!
  • Windows and or Linux hosting
  • Customised programming solutions
  • Website / online dedicated photography
  • Aerial media, including: photography, videography, surveying and inspections
  • And being a top bloke

Another passion of mine, inherited from my father, is photography. Being exposed (pardon the pun) to photography at such a young age, developed into a natural curiosity, love and understanding for it. HDR (high dynamic range) photography and aerial photography rekindled this passion and is now a part of MWM’s extensive services (and everyday life!). This integration was a simple choice due to so many clients needing high quality imagery for their online content.

Lastly, the philosophy for my business is to provide solutions, with a “bigger picture” kind of service. Looking at all aspects of what you need and the best way to get it to you, drawing from 20 years’ experience in the industry.


Website Development

Garnered during years of experience (since 1998), I bring a broad range of skills and disciplines that are used in the production and maintenance of websites. These skills and disciplines include, but are not limited to; website graphic design, interface design, authoring (including standardised code), user experience design and search engine optimisation.

Web design not only encompasses the design process of the “front end” or “client side” of the website, but also web development; updating, editing and maintaining the content of your website.

Having your website grow with the times is extremely important in conveying your message and MWM is ready to help you with that.

Content Management Systems

What is CMS? Content Management System (CMS) is a system which allows publishing, editing, modifying and maintaining content of a website from a central maintenance area.

I’ve had experience with many content management systems over the years, DotNetNuke, created in the Windows .NET environment, being my first. This was great because it is created in my “native” programming language you could say, it made this an easily extensible platform. Since then I’ve had experience with many content management systems and found WordPress to be the overall most flexible.

Read more about WordPress

WordPress is my preferred CMS due to its popularity and its web software you can use to create a beautiful website, sell goods and services or blog with. I’ve even created hybrids where I’ve used the Windows .NET platform for some custom needs and WordPress still as the main driving website.

Responsive / Mobile device friendly Web Templates

I’m quite certain that even just reading the heading of this section, you pretty much figured out what I’m about to say here 😉

Mobile devices have long been the primary browsing device so it’s imperative that your website is easy to use on these platforms. Many developers are now designing for mobile devices first and working their way up to the larger format.

Either way, this is something that’s here to stay so I design for all devices and constantly check what a website looks like across all platforms.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Sit down, strap in and get ready because sh#t’s about to get real. Let’s dive into the truth about the modern-ancient art of SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website in a search engine’s organic search results – The higher the listing appears, the more visitors to the website.

Optimising websites involves making sure the HTML code and content are relevant to your specific keywords and assist search engines catalogue your site. With over 15 years’ experience in this field specifically, I’m here to do all the backend work and help get your website closer to where you want to be.

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Now let’s cut to the reality and hard truth about SEO.

While all the “technical jargon” above is correct, SEO starts with a working and engaging website. So before you start rewriting your content to cram your favorite keywords in your text hundreds of times a sentence or think about registering 20 different versions of your domain name, have a think about what a visitor needs to see and how they’re going to find reading your content and using your website.

You’re far better off having a visitor like your site and find it useful than having lots of visitors not and leave!


Hosting Services

The first step is to register a domain name on the Internet. This domain name should reflect your business or product name. Domain names can be in the form of a, .com, or .biz just to name a few. I can assist you with this decision.

Once a domain name has been decided upon, MWM will then register your new domain for you, followed by creating and setting up all other services to match your requirements.

The whole process from nothing to your own web presence can take as little as 24 hours!

Domain Name System (DNS)

This service advises all the other computers on the Internet how to find your website and how to find the correct path to send you email. It’s like the ‘White Pages’ for the entire Internet and Mail Servers. MWM Host runs 2 DNS servers at 2 physical sites to ensure those questions are always answered.

Website Hosting

This service provides storage space on an Internet Server. Various types of servers offer different advantages/disadvantages. My server offers any customisations or formats you require including ASP.NET, Classic ASP and PHP.

Email(Office 365 or Forwarding)

Office 365: Provides the best email system for business and when email is of utmost importance. MWM Host will register your account and set this up for you so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy fast email at its best. Just like it was back in the 90’s before spam!

About Email Forwarding

Email Forwarding: This service performs the management of all email addresses that end in your domain name. For example; is sent through our servers. Our servers complete a check for viruses and spam, the forwards the message on to you.

DNS Hosting

Domain Name Services

$132 per year

Web Hosting

Linux or Windows

$168 per year

Web & DNS Hosting

Website and DNS Package

$264 per year

CMS Hosting

My & MS SQL DB’s

$60 per year

How the renewal system works with MWM Host

Your hosting services will expire twice a year on the following dates

  • 1st of May
  • 1st of November

An invoice will be issued to you 30 days prior to this expiry date to give you plenty of time to prepare and pay before these dates.

When you initially order hosting services with MWM you will be invoiced a prorata amount based on the number of months it takes to bring you in alignment with the standard expiry dates.


Aerial Media

Let’s bust out the fancy toys and have some fun while creating some beautiful images.

Aerial imagery is a relatively new industry but remote piloting is something I’ve been into for over 10 years now. In fact, I’d designed my own UAV for photography in 2007 which consisted of a large flying wing with a small point-and-shoot camera attached to it.

Now I use DJI Phantoms and the results are spectacular.

What’s happening & where it’s going?

I’m currently registered with CASA for under 2kg commercial work in South Australia and have my full RePL (Remote Pilots License). This means I’ve completed and passed CASA certified training and I’m now currently working with CASA to obtain my ReOC (Remote Operators Certificate).

What can it be used for?

  • Photography (including HDR) & Videography (4k quality)
  • Inspections & Surveying
  • Cool, fun stuff & Impressing on-lookers!

Adelaide Clipper, Port Adelaide – South Australia

Video Sample



If you’re reading this then it’s time to make a coffee and get excited because you’re about to do something nobody’s done before.

MWM draws its “programming sword” when what you need done can’t be found online from an “off-the-shelf” piece of software. So this is the answer to those issues of needing something developed specifically for your needs and could be as simple as an online calculator or as complex as automating a system that couldn’t be automated (and yes, I’ve done exactly that!)

So have a think; if there’s a task that you need your website to do and it currently can’t or there’s nothing available already, this is where programming is used to develop those features and services to help your business run more efficiently.

What sort of black magic have I created?

Stock check automation and invoice system (the big one)

This system took an online order and automatically sent the supplier an email to check if it was in stock. Depending on how the supplier responded, this would either update the customer with alternative options or notify the store owner the order was ready to proceed. From here the store owner reviewed the order then used this system to create an invoice that was emailed to the customer and confirmed the placement of the order with the supplier. This cut down approximately 85% of manual customer handling (which meant more time for golfing,… not kidding)

Customised CMS (circa 2008)

Before WordPress and other CMS’s had the ability to handle this quite so simply, MWM developed its own CMS specifically for the sale of physically bulky items and used special algorithms to calculate shipping all over Australia (even regional Queensland!). Our client wanted a “no fuss” system and that exactly what we delivered. In fact I still haven’t seen a system as sleek and fast to update as what that was.

Practical Image Management

I developed a system to automatically take a folder of images and produce the correct thumbnail size and ratio for previewing and reviewing. Photos direct from digital cameras are usually quite large in size. This system provided a fast way to quickly transport the images (via email) allowing for quick reviews and even automatically provided an online interface for remote viewing the thumbnail sized previews.

What languages did I use to create such madness?

My Programming Languages include: HTML 5, XHTML, CSS 3, JQuery, ASP.NET 4+, XML and MySQL & MS SQL (If you know what these are, you probably work in the same industry). You might as well throw in a framework like Bootstrap also.


Website Photography

Aren’t we all photographers though? Sure, why not. And just to clear up any confusion, I don’t take photos of websites, I take photos for them 😉

Lighting, composition, framing, ISO and shutters speeds; all that sexy camera talk stuff is awesome but almost always completely forgotten about when it comes to websites. Photos should be considered one of the highest priority content parts of any website and having quality shots truly makes a website standout.

What’s the difference?

So what’s different about taking photos for websites? Well composition and negative space to be specific but all you need to know is that I take images that are of high quality and with the website and template in mind so that it appears seamless and as one. Best of all, these images are yours so no need to worry about pesky copyright laws and licensing charges.


Mobile Apps

With mobile / smart phones being awesome,… I mean; an integral and indispensable part of businesses these days, just about everyone has used an app or at least knows what an app is.

I approach developing mobile apps in the same way I develop custom website applications, in that it’s to provide features that can’t be obtained in any other way. In this sense mobile phones / smart phones are perfect for providing solutions to many and varied projects.

While I’d love to delve into developing games on mobile devices, I focus on apps for business solutions. I actually find this stuff fun (I may have a problem).